EmpowerHer: Monetizing your Platform to Product 

**Course Description:**

The Empower Her: Monetize Your Instagram course is designed to empower Christian women to turn their Instagram presence into a source of income and financial empowerment. This is COURSE is for girls who already have the basics of having a platform such as knowing your voice, marketing & implementation strategy… (everything we cover in part one of the course) This 4-week course will explore various monetization strategies and provide practical guidance for building a profitable online presence. ONLY AVALIABLE FOR STUDENTS WHO TOOK PART ONE!!


**Week 1: Menu of Monetization Services: DEFINE YOUR MONETIZING STRATEGY**

- Explore different monetization options, including Amazon affiliate marketing, LIKEtoKNOW.it (LTK), referral and affiliate links.

- Understand the distinctions between product-based and service-based businesses.

- Learn about the potential of digital products and discover more ways to monetize Instagram.

**Week 2: Mastering Brand Deals**

- Create a brand kit to present a professional and cohesive image to potential brand partners.

- Develop a pitch strategy to effectively approach and negotiate with brands.

- Discuss when and how to consider hiring a manager for brand partnerships.

**Week 3: Building Your Own Business**

- Understand the basics of launching a business, including legal considerations and business structures (e.g., LLC, sole proprietorship).

- Explore different types of businesses, such as e-commerce, consulting, and content creation.

**Week 4: Launch Plan, Monetize & Business Mindset **

- Explore creative monetization avenues, including gifted collaborations, speaking engagements, and launching your own business. 

- Identify additional opportunities to monetize Instagram and expand your income streams.

- Learn successful mindsets & tips to grow your business and launch successfully. 


What You'll Learn and Take Away:

- A comprehensive understanding of various monetization strategies.

- Practical skills for pitching brand deals.

- The ability to launch and manage your own business effectively.


This course comes with an EXTRA GIFTED one-hour teaching that is prerecorded for you to learn about SHOPIFY 101. (a $299 value for free for the first 10 students enrolled) 

 Please note somethings may change as I will tailor to our group whats most needed. Please also note the CLASS time will be 7PM-8PM EST and the exact date of the week is to be announced as the girls enroll it will either be a tuesday night or wednesday night.